Go Time features a dynamic slate of programming that will encourage and inspire young people and their families to be active, make healthy choices, and get involved with their communities in a positive manner. The line-up includes Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin, Expedition Wild, Brain Games: Family Edition, Dog Town USA, Recipe Rehab and Hatched.


Expedition Wild

EXPEDITION WILD is hosted by wildlife expert Casey Anderson and showcases his charismatic animal companions on an innovative and action-packed odyssey through North America’s wild places — revealing a rare glimpse into the beauty and complexity of the natural world. Viewers will follow Casey on a series of breathtakingly wild adventures: he’ll paddle the Grand Canyon, ski with Wolverines in British Columbia, observe Mountain Lions in Montana, stake out the scavengers of Yellowstone, investigate a raven’s nest, observe Polar Bears on Alaska’s northern slope, and climb to rugged extremes in pursuit of Northern Maine’s Black Bears – bringing audiences a rare and personal experience with endangered species, some deadly, others dashing, in the stunning natural ecosystems that they call home.



HATCHED is an educational and informational series dedicated to teaching children about how to successfully pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Each week, a seasoned team of business leaders instructs entrepreneurs about the basic but critical business skills needed to bring a product from concept to the marketplace.

A unique program that combines entertainment with business school, HATCHED will focus on the skills needed to launch a product. It will help young people develop the confidence and business savvy to execute a detailed business plan that includes product pricing, packaging, marketing, and investment strategies.

HATCHED brings young entrepreneurs to the table encouraging them to step up and seize their dreams.


Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin

OCEAN MYSTERIES offers a fresh approach to the quest for aquatic understanding by blending stories of fascinating sea creatures, comparisons to popular land animals, and analogies to human experience.

Hosted by Jeff Corwin, OCEAN MYSTERIES shows how animals share the same behaviors, challenges and triumphs that humans do.  From exciting rescues of abandoned animals to unexpected conflicts in the ‘family dynamics’ of the mingling species, viewers will get to know – and  care- about these heroes, and all of the fascinating life teeming in our oceans.


Recipe Rehab

Hosted by health specialist and Chef Danny Boome, RECIPE REHAB is a half-hour competition-style series developed and produced to educate and inform viewers. Viewers submit their favorite, decadent, high-calorie, classic family recipes and two acclaimed chefs will face off in a head-to-head competition to give the recipes a low-calorie twist. The audience learns the value of healthy, wholesome ingredients and how healthy food choices can have positive effects on our quality of life!


Brain Games: Family Edition

BRAIN GAMES: FAMILY EDITION explores the fascinating components of the human brain and how they shape our perceptions and everyday lives. Host Jason Silva opens each episode with an exercise for your mind which will often leave you scratching your head. These exercises will serve as a jumping-off point for a deep dive into the reality of human perception and the fascinating ways that our brain functions.

Each week, Host Jason Silva will explore a variety of different topics including visual perception, memory, skill learning, decision making, and many more. BRAIN GAMES: FAMILY EDITION educates and inspires viewers by presenting a series of experiments and activities designed to help people improve cognitive function and use their brains better, smarter and faster.


Dog Town USA

DOGTOWN, USA is a story of the men and women who devote their lives to the healing and happiness of dogs – from every corner of the nation. Built on 33,000 acres of pristine land in Utah, DOGTOWN, USA is the nation’s preeminent facility dedicated to finding safe homes for abandoned dogs. Each week, DOGTOWN, USA’s highly skilled staff and internationally renowned experts first create a safe sanctuary for dogs from around the world. Then, “DOGTOWN, USA’s” medical professionals provide unique personal care to each dog, beginning the detailed process of rehabilitation in preparation for uniting each dog with a loving new family and home.

DOGTOWN, USA will inspire young people to pursue their dreams while valuing the importance of dedicating oneself to the greater good of community and family. The series demonstrates the powerful interaction between humans and animals with a focus on our canine companions. DOGTOWN, USA educates and informs the audience about canine training techniques and creating healthy environments for dogs. DOGTOWN, USA’s trained experts teach teen viewers how to be a responsible pet owner and maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle for both family and pet. Viewers will get to know – and care – about these dogs and the heroes who do whatever it takes to give them a second chance.